Thursday, 5 April 2012

Feedback: Michael Baker

Work in Progress, all images above
Yesterday's Review for Studio to Bureau saw some great ideas emerge from the Telling Tales project. In the afternoon group Michael Baker presented his work for comment and critical feedback. Last night Michael went back to his idea and created the images above. Mike's work is looking at the rubbish left behind, often in range of young children. I've opened this post for feedback. All students in either the morning or afternoon class are welcome to offer feedback.


Nick said...

I find them intriguing yet disturbing.

Also I really like the lighting.

Please do one involving a chocolate easter bunny.


matthew said...

The images are looking good (though i did not see the original presented images). Also, to me it tells a better story of junk food addiction rather than "rubbish left behind" said...

I think the theme got a little confused on here. I was exploring the reliance on junk food by the things that we discard. Originally I was taking shots in childrens parks where I take my daughter to play and noticed that the packaging left behind was never of anything healthy. However there seemed to be something missing and with the comments that I recieved in class I came up with this idea of Crack for Kids. Matthew you are completely right and I think that it has a lot more to do with Australia's addiction to sugar and fat from childhood than the rubbish left behind.