Friday, 13 April 2012

Eileen Kuzmic: Beyond the Archive

Beyond the Archive, 2011

Eileen Kuzmic's work from the Constructing With Light course in semester two 2011 has been accepted into the The Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN) National Museum. Eileen's project for Journey Beyond the Archive responded to Australia's Forgotten Generation using archives to discuss a sad chapter in Australia's social history. Eileen's statement about the work follows and we send out a heart congratulations for a stelar effort.

Beyond the Archive
Memory echoes the experience of a lifetime. If that experience is tainted a haunted memory erupts in place of peace. The childhood loss of family, home and familiar surroundings is enmeshed with the experience of institutional abuse. Memory is haunted with the notion of what is lost, what has happened and what could have been. With no memory markers in family and no link to past comfort; past memory becomes a disturbed link that collides with new memory.

Traces of pain are deposited within the individual, family and within the home; infecting the community. A need to remember and be remembered is vital to heal the damage of past and present memory.

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