Monday, 23 April 2012

Diametric at Podspace

From the Diametric exhibition at Podspace, 2012
Simone Paterson's Diametric exhibition opens at Podspace April 26. The work result from her residency at Artspace in Sydney. Here's what Simone has to say:

Visual art offers us the opportunity to reflect on the human condition and provides us with a way to transform our understanding. In a time of increasing reliance on technology it is the practice and study of new media itself, the aesthetic and philosophical concerns that can clarify our position within the world. In the exhibition "Diametric" I employ a range of contrasting art-making techniques including traditional craft, such as sewing and fabric casting, as well as computer technologies such as interactive software, digital video visual effects and digital imaging. The combination of techniques is a deliberate strategy to blur the boundaries between art, craft and digital reproduction. This method of working could be classified as “post new media” i.e. a collision or coalescence between traditional and new media techniques.